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A King’s Clothing

January 22, 2017 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: God Passage: Psalm 93:1–93:5

In this sermon podcast on Psalm 93, Pastor Brent unpacks 6 “kingly garments” that define the person of God which compel worship in our lives.

Clothing can define a person. For example, a uniform communicates that someone is a doctor, nurse, lawyer or construction worker. Torn and tattered clothes can communicate a rebellious attitude or possibly a poor condition both physically and spiritually. Clothing might reveal someone’s age. In many ways, clothing characterizes and defines a person.

Clearly, the Scripture communicates the person and nature of God. Throughout the Old Testament, God is defined through the revelation of His words, works and attributes. The Psalms in particular are a powerful revelation of God because they vividly illustrate Him and His attributes.

Psalm 93 accomplishes this very thing. The Psalmist powerfully communicates the person of God by describing His clothing. Now, God does not actually wear physical clothes. The Psalmist uses clothing as an analogy to define the person of God. What kind of clothes does God wear? God wears the clothing of a king. He is a ruler. In fact, He is the King of kings and Lord of lords.

In Psalm 93, the Psalmist defines God as a sovereign and majestic ruler over all things painting this picture in kingly garments. How should we respond? We must respond in worship that brings comfort and hope in God, that He will bring to pass all of His promises for His people.