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Defining Discipleship, Pt. 1

August 21, 2016 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Discipleship Passage: Matthew 28:18–28:20

In this sermon podcast on discipleship, Pastor Brent begins to identify 4 “defining characteristics” of discipleship that enable and produce discipleship in your life.

What is discipleship? Within modern evangelicalism we find discipleship as a key ministry directive of churches. However, the definition of discipleship can vary dramatically from church to church. Even within a church body discipleship can oftentimes be crippled by a lack of synergy.

Discipleship is foundational to the church and to the Christian life. Most often discipleship is probably defined as a one-on-one relationship with another believer to compel greater spiritual growth. While that is true, discipleship is broader than that.

One pastor states that “Discipleship is the full function of the body of Christ.” If a church is hitting on all cylinders, discipleship is happening and disciples are being produced. Every purpose of the local church given in the New Testament serves to either feed or directly produce discipleship. Discipleship is the goal of the church.

This raises a number of questions. What is discipleship? How do we define it? What is the goal of discipleship? What is the context and what are the tools of discipleship?

In this 3-part series, Pastor Brent seeks to define discipleship so that discipleship is produced and enabled in your life and in the life of the church.