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Two Ingredients of a Healthy Church

July 10, 2016 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Church Passage: 1 Thessalonians 5:1–5:28

In this sermon podcast on 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13, Pastor Brent offers two “interactive ingredients” in the relationship between church members and church leaders that foster a healthy church and enable her to fulfill her mission in the world.

What would you consider the most important element of a home? Would it be the components of the structure itself? Would it be the functionality or curb appeal? While these qualities are important, they are certainly not the most important. Someone could construct the perfect house yet it could be the ugliest and most dysfunctional in the neighborhood.

The most important quality of a home is the relationships of those who live in it. A home’s beauty, warmth and functionality ultimately rest on the interactions of those inside. Solomon states that he would rather have only a little with a peaceful home versus a mansion with strife and anger.

Just like a home, the local church’s most important quality is the relationships that exist within it. And to be more specific, the relationship between the leaders and members is critical to fostering a healthy, godly and functioning church to the glory of God.

Scripture speaks to this relationship. Both member and leader are given specific instructions on how they must relate to one another for the church to be healthy, grow and strive to fulfill her mission in the world. In this message, Pastor Brent looks at this dynamic relationship and presents two interactive ingredients in this relationship that will foster a healthy church body.