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Matters of the Heart, Pt. 3

May 8, 2016 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Heart Passage: Psalm 73:1–73:28

In this sermon podcast on Psalm 73, Pastor Brent compels us with the final two of four “defensive strategies” to anchor our heart amidst the storms of the Christian life.

Hurricanes are powerful storms that must be respected. Anyone who lives in a hurricane-prone area must be aware of the power of a hurricane and take precautions. Boat owners know this all too well. Boats are vulnerable to the waves, wind and tidal surge of a hurricane. As a storm approaches boat owners must be aware of the danger and take extra precautions in anchoring their boat to weather the storm.

Our hearts are like a boat in that it will face many storms in the Christian life. Even though the heart is redeemed from sin, it is prone to all sorts of difficulties. The redeemed heart still faces the temptation to sin, the testing of the Lord, the discipline for sin and the danger of sinful and wrong thinking. As believers, we must prepare our hearts to weather these storms or we are in danger of being set adrift in our faith, even turning away from God and His truth.

In Psalm 73, we find a living example of Asaph whose heart was prone to the storms of the Christian life. Even though he served God daily, his heart was tempted to envy over what it perceived concerning the wicked. Asaph’s heart was tempted to conclude that the wicked maintained an easy and prosperous life in light of their evil deeds while he struggled to maintain a pure heart before the LORD.

What was Asaph’s conclusion? In this Psalm we learn valuable spiritual lessons from Asaph which become defensive strategies to anchor the heart amidst the storms of the Christian life.