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The Greatness of God’s Forgiveness

March 13, 2016 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Forgiveness Passage: Matthew 8:1–8:4

In this sermon podcast on Matthew 8:1-4, Pastor Brent confronts us with 2 “clarifying truths” that bring the greatness of God’s forgiveness into focus.

From cover to cover, the Scriptures herald the forgiveness of God. Not only does the Bible teach that God is a forgiving God, but it also brilliantly shines the light of the forgiveness that He extends to sinners through the finished work of Christ.

As one considers the greatness of God, the greatness of His forgiving work must be considered. While explaining how the sinner’s forgiveness was accomplished and offered, Scripture also paints vivid pictures of the extent of God’s forgiveness.

In Matthew 18, Jesus tells a parable and likens God to a compassionate King who forgives a servant 10,000 talents. This amount is inconceivable as one talent equaled 20 years of wages for a worker in Jesus’ day. The weight of debt of sin that is lifted by God’s forgiving hand is infinite in nature.

However, there is at least one other illustration of the greatness of God’s forgiveness and it is found in the healing of the Leper. Leprosy was a terrible, hopeless and destructive disease that graphically illustrated sin. As Jesus is approached by a leper who reaches out and touches him, we find a powerful picture of the greatness of God’s forgiveness.