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The Greatness of God’s Sovereignty, Pt. 1

February 28, 2016 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Sovereignty Passage: Isaiah 40:12–40:17

In this sermon podcast Pastor Brent anchors your heart to 4 “pillars” of God’s sovereignty over the nations.

In 2016, we live in tornadic times. While the world tries to maintain peace and safety, new and more complex threats emerge day by day.

Civil wars that spew refugees all over the world become the mechanism to spread terrorism. The proliferation of nuclear weapons and technology to rogue nations weakens stability of the world. Threats of economic collapse, new viruses and cyber terror are as common as sand on the seashore.

Adding to these dangers is the 24-hour news cycle that constantly confronts us with horror, gloom and doom. It is not hard to be fearful in the times that we live. But are we as believers to be controlled by these fears? How are we to respond to the tornadic times in which we live?

As believers we must put our hope and confidence in the sovereignty of God over the nations. Citizens of heaven but still aliens of the earth, every Christian must go back to the Scripture and lash himself to the pillars of God’s sovereignty and His greatness over the nations.