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Faithful in a Little, Faithful in Much

February 7, 2016 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Faithfulness Passage: Luke 16:1–16:10

In this sermon podcast on Luke 16:1-10, Pastor Brent unfolds the priority of faithfulness to use our worldly wealth for kingdom purposes.

In Luke 16:1-10, we find the parable of the unrighteous steward. With the Pharisees and Scribes present in the background, Jesus challenges His disciples with a lesson on using worldly wealth to build the kingdom.

The parable begins with a rich man who has a steward to manage his estate. However, the manager has been squandering or “wasting” the rich man’s possessions and has been summoned before his master. The master dismisses the manager and requires him to give a final accounting of the estate.

The manager now has an immediate dilemma. He has no money. He cannot do physical work and he is too proud to beg to meet his needs. Certainly he will not find another job as a manager. What will he do to meet his needs?

The manager has one opportunity left. To provide for himself he decides to go into the community and make friends. With boldness and resolve he calls in everyone who owes money to his master, and he reduces their debt! On one hand he cheats his master but on the other hand he has made friends so that he will not be homeless upon his final dismissal!

As Jesus tells the story he concludes with a response of the master to the unrighteous steward. Jesus says that the master “praised” the steward for his shrewdness! This was a shocking response from the master who had been cheated. But Jesus uses the picture of a bad example to drive home a powerful spiritual lesson on the priority of faithfulness to kingdom purposes.