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5 Elements of Gospel Ministry, Pt. 2

January 17, 2016 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Gospel Passage: John 20:19–20:31

From this passage, Pastor Brent unpacks 5 “elements” of gospel ministry so that you can be faithful to Christ and his redeeming purpose in your life.

Jesus has risen from the grave! What the disciples have failed to understand and anticipate has now come to pass. Jesus has overcome sin and death, He is alive, and He’s moving about Jerusalem. In John 20:1-18, John recounts the resurrection of Christ from his eyewitness account of the empty tomb along with Jesus’ first resurrection appearance to Mary Magdalene. His appearance to Mary was only the beginning of several post-resurrection appearances made by Jesus on that same day.

On the evening of his resurrection day, Jesus suddenly appears to his disciples who are locked away in a room in Jerusalem for fear of the Jews. In the twinkle of an eye Jesus stands in their midst and the disciples are startled and even more afraid. Jesus quickly points to his hands and side; proving that he is not a spirit but still one with flesh and bones, and the One who had been pierced for their sin.

After demonstrating his identity to the disciples and offering them a greeting of peace, Jesus gets down to business. The time was at hand to finalize the commissioning of the disciples to their gospel ministry. Jesus tells them, “As the Father sent Me, I also send you.” This statement formalized their call to ministry and would be their marching orders.

The Father had sent Jesus to redeem sinners and accomplish the work of the gospel. The disciples, along with the church and all believers, would now become an extension of his ministry; taking the gospel he accomplished into the world to save sinners. Thus our gospel ministry is to live and proclaim the gospel in the world.

As Jesus sends the disciples, he delivers that final call with five elements of the gospel ministry. Not only did he call them to this ministry, but he also equipped them with the tools to ensure their faithfulness and their fruitfulness.