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Preparation for Persecution

November 29, 2015 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Persecution Passage: 1 Thessalonians 2:14–2:16

In this sermon podcast on 1st Thessalonians 2:14-16; Pastor Brent exhorts us with three “preparatory actions” that we must take to faithfully endure persecution.

Throughout the history of the church she has endured persecution. From Peter’s first sermon in the first century to the spread of the gospel to hostile lands today, the church is always confronted by hostile men.

The church in America has enjoyed relative peace from persecution for over two centuries. Though she has not been without trouble, severe persecution of imprisonment, seizure of property and the taking of Christian lives has not entered our land. However in recent days the landscape has changed.

The American church is under attack by the culture as being intolerant. The churches in America will soon be persecuted if they hold to the truths of the Bible in a way it has not experienced before. Religious rights are in danger of being removed. Furthermore, with the rise of terrorist groups and their infiltration of our country, churches may experience even more persecution as their lives may be taken for their faith.

The timing and severity of this persecution in America is unknown, but it has begun. As believers in Jesus Christ we must be ready and take action to prepare ourselves to face it when it lands at our church and at our own doorstep.

In First Thessalonians chapter 2, the Apostle Paul speaks of the Thessalonian church and their model as they faced persecution. In looking at the model of this church we find some very important steps that we can take to prepare ourselves to endure persecution to the glory of God.