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3 Directives to Worship God

November 22, 2015 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Worship Passage: Psalm 100:1–100:5

In this sermon podcast on Psalm 100; Pastor Brent challenges us with three “royal directives” to worship God with thankfulness.

Every November we have the opportunity to pause and give thanks to God for his abundant provision in our lives. This holiday that was launched on the Plymouth Plantation in 1621 and which was born of religious roots has now become more civil than religious.

Thanksgiving Day in America now stands as a holiday marked by uniting family, sharing a turkey dinner, watching football and launching the Christmas shopping season. A faint whisper of thanksgiving to God may still fill the air but that depends more on families and individuals themselves.

As Christians, we are certainly to give thanks for our food and for everything that the Lord provides so abundantly in our life. Christians are to maintain a constant attitude of thankfulness. However there is a level of thankfulness that Psalm 100 calls us to consider. Psalm 100 calls us to worship God as our great King! Not only are we to worship God by giving thanks to him as our King, we are to do so acknowledging that he is the King of the entire universe!

Are you thankful? Do you struggle with an unthankful heart? Psalm 100 elevates our understanding and concept of who we are giving thanks to and how we are to give him thanks through our worship.