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The King’s Authority, Pt. 2

November 1, 2015 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: King Passage: John 18:38–19:16

In this sermon podcast on John 18:38-19:16, Pastor Brent looks at the second of two “contrasting views” of Christ’s authority as King so that you may exalt Christ in your heart.

Pilate has declared Jesus an innocent man. However, the Jews will not relent in their continued accusations and they desire to see Jesus put to death. As the story unfolds, the Jews reveal that Jesus is in fact a Galilean. Now, Pilate has a potential way to get out of this mess concerning Jesus.

As Pilate learns that Jesus is a Galilean, he sends Jesus to Herod who is in charge of Galilee. Herod just so happens to be in Jerusalem at the time of the Passover and Jesus now appears before him for his fifth interrogation. Herod questions Jesus, but Jesus does not respond to the charges. Herod and his soldiers mock Jesus as King of the Jews and send him back to Pilate declaring him to be innocent.

Pilate once again is confronted with what to do with Jesus. As recorded here in John’s gospel beginning in 18:38, Jesus now suffers his sixth and final interrogation before Pilate with the Jews continuing their attacks. What will Pilate do?

John’s account of this final examination is once again filled with irony. The irony surrounds two contrasting views of Jesus’ authority as King of the Jews. The world will mock Jesus’ authority but Jesus will attest to his authority in a very powerful way that compels us to exalt Christ in our hearts and in our Christian lives.