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The King and His Kingdom

October 18, 2015 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Kingdom Passage: John 18:28–18:38

In this sermon podcast on John 18:28-38; Pastor Brent gives us three “aspects” of Christ’s Kingdom.

As the cross draws near, Jesus must first endure the trials of his enemies. During the early morning hours on Friday Jesus is taken from interrogation to interrogation performed by the Jewish leadership. He has appeared before Annas, Caiaphas and now before the entire Sanhedrin.

As dawn breaks, the Sanhedrin put Jesus on trial and pronounce that he is a blasphemer. Jesus has made himself out to be God and this blasphemy was worthy of death. The entire council vote to put Jesus to death, however they do not have the means to execute that sentence.

Therefore, the Jews need the help of Rome. The Jews possessed utter disdain for Rome, but now they would seek Rome, specifically the Roman governor Pilate, to be their ally. Why did they need Rome? Only Rome could execute capital punishment. They alone could put Jesus to death.

John now resumes his account of the trials of Christ as the Sanhedrin deliver Jesus to Pilate. The Jews now conceive a deceptive plot as they transform religious charges of blasphemy to civil charges of treason before Rome. They must convince Pilate that Jesus was a traitor against Rome and worthy of death so that Pilate would carry out their death sentence.

However, as Pilate questions Jesus about the charges he confirms that Jesus is a king, but is Jesus a king in the sense that he is a threat to Rome and worthy of death as a traitor? As John continues to unfold this drama, Jesus explains to Pilate the true nature of his kingdom and of his reign and rule. Jesus is a king and he possesses a kingdom, however it is a kingdom that is not of this world.