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A Vision for Cascades

September 27, 2015 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Vision Passage: Romans 15:5–15:7

In this sermon podcast, Pastor Brent seeks to lay out the vision for Cascades Bible Church.

Why does Cascades Bible Church exist? What does the future look like for our church? What is our goal and where are we headed?

For any local church these are important questions. The church must have a vision. A vision will give the church an advantage to be successful in ministry. Creating a vision for the church and for ministry can be time consuming and difficult. However, the church does not have to spin her wheels to create a vision and know the direction where she should be headed!

The local church has a vision. God has given her a vision and that vision is found in His Word. The church does not have to create its own vision or re-invent the vision every so often to remain relevant and successful. God’s vision for the church is timeless. His vision for the church lies in the Scripture and faithfulness to His vision is where the church will find success and ultimately glorify Him.

Thus, in this sermon, Pastor Brent seeks to unfold from Scripture the vision that God has for the church weaving into that vision the purposes and means that God has given to us to realize His vision for His glory.