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Joy & the Resurrection

July 26, 2015 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Resurrection Passage: John 16:16–16:33

In this sermon podcast on John 16:16-33, Pastor Brent unpacks four elements of resurrection joy so that your joy as a believer may be full and complete.

Turning now from the role of the Spirit in redemption, Jesus again points the disciples to the future joy they are about to experience as disciples and followers of Christ. Jesus wants the eleven to recognize that His death is at hand, and that at His death that will weep and lament. But, this weeping will only be for a moment.

On the third day, Jesus would resurrect and appear to the disciples. Their grief would turn to joy! They would rejoice when Jesus appeared to them. However, the joy they would experience at His resurrection has much broader and long lasting implications.

The joy that the disciples would experience because of the resurrection of Christ would be a joy that all believers would experience. Jesus presents this joy as joy that flowed from His resurrection and a joy that marked a new “Resurrection-Age.” This new joy that is tied to His resurrection has unique elements that Jesus unpacks in John 16. Jesus’ desire for all believers through this teaching is that his or her joy be full and complete.

Is your heart filled with joy? Are you experiencing “resurrection-joy”?