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Worship Compelled by Remembrance

May 24, 2015 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Worship Passage: Psalm 111:1–111:10

In this sermon podcast, Pastor Brent exhorts us to worship God by giving us four “elements” of worship that is compelled by remembering God’s mighty works.

Every year Memorial Day gives us the opportunity to pause and remember those in our armed forces that have given their lives for our country. This time of remembrance enables us to give honor to them, their lives and their sacrifice for us.

Much like our Memorial Day observance, we as the people of God worship God, giving Him our honor, allegiance and worship by remembering His mighty works. Psalm 111 is a Psalm of praise and worship. The Psalmist elicits the praise of God’s people by calling them to remember His mighty works that he describes as great, wonderful, splendid and majestic.

Our worship of God is compelled by remembering God’s mighty works. Certainly this would include what He has done and what He is doing now. We look upon His mighty work of creation and His mighty work of redemption and we are compelled to worship Him. This Psalm exhorts the people of God to look, to remember and to worship.