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2 Keys to Unlock Christ’s Joy

April 26, 2015 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Christ Passage: John 15:9–15:17

In this sermon podcast on John 15:9-17, Pastor Brent provides two “keys” to unlock Christ’s joy so that we may possess true and lasting joy found in Him.

On the heels of the vine and branches, Jesus now wants to advance His line of thought further as it relates to abiding and to the concept of joy. As Jesus moves ever so slightly away from the illustration of the vine and branches, He continues the concept of abiding.

In the first eight verses of John 15, Jesus called His followers to abide in Him. Now, in verse nine, Jesus calls His followers to abide in His love. As the Father has loved the Son, the Son has also loved His own. Looking to this example, believers are to also then abide in Christ’s love.

But, “How does one abide?” Jesus explains that His followers abide in His love through obedience. Just as Jesus obeys His Father because He loves Him, the followers of Christ are to abide in His love by obeying His commands. Obedience is the key to abiding in Christ’s love.

However, what is the basis of this obedience? And, what, if anything, does this obedience lead to? In this passage, Jesus makes a profound point that connects love, obedience and joy. Ultimately, He provides two keys to unlock His joy. In this sermon, Pastor Brent provides these two keys so that we might possess Christ’s joy and that His joy made be made full in all who follow Him.