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Trampled by Trials, Triumphant in Trust

April 12, 2015 Speaker: Jeff Casali

Topic: Trust Passage: Psalm 56:1–56:13

In this sermon podcast on Psalm 56, guest speaker Jeff Casali offers three “expressions of confidence in God” seen through the life of King David as he navigated a difficult trial.

For decades, the Cambodian church has suffered at the hands of terrible persecution. As eager missionaries and faithful new converts sought to spread the gospel throughout the country they encountered difficult and at times devastating opposition. Their faith and the gospel was constantly under fire. How would they stay faithful and confident?

In Psalm 56, King David is encountering a difficult trial of his own. He is on the run from King Saul and finds himself in the hands of the Philistines in Gath. The Philistines were obviously enemies of David and Israel, but the Philistines in Gath had even more hatred for David as Gath was the hometown of the famous warrior Goliath.

David is in the midst of his deepest enemies. How would he survive their onslaught of slander, abuse and anger? David will put his confidence in God. Psalm 56 was penned during this difficult trial, but David remains confident in God. In this Psalm he expresses that Psalm that now becomes an encouragement to all believers.