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Do Not Let Your Heart Be Troubled, Pt. 3

March 8, 2015 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Commitment Passage: John 14:15–14:31

In this sermon podcast on John 14:15-31, Pastor Brent reveals two “divine commitments” made by Jesus to His disciples and to all believers that produce a confident hope in the future.

Traveling to a foreign land can be a daunting and fearful task. To insure that any trip into a foreign country is made with safety and success, most often you would hire a guide to be at your side. As the disciples looked upon the future without Jesus, their future was also daunting and fearful, yet Jesus remains committed to them.

As Jesus continues to unfold the farewell discourse, He now wants to encourage His disciples by telling them that He is committed to their future success and faithfulness. They need not be troubled or worry about Jesus departure for He would be with them even if not physically present.

How would Jesus demonstrate that He is wholly committed to the disciples and their future? In the next section of John 14 Jesus makes five divine commitments to the disciples and all believers. Every believer should possess a bright and confident future because Jesus is committed to it.

In this message, Pastor Brent delivers two of these five commitments and exhorts all believers to take stock in these commitments.