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Do Not Let Your Heart Be Troubled, Pt. 2

February 8, 2015 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Promises Passage: John 14:7–14:14

In this sermon podcast on John 14:7-14, Pastor Brent offers three “re-assuring promises” given by Christ so that we can possess a confident hope in the future.

After comforting His disciples with the promise of His return and commanding them to allow that truth to control their hearts, Jesus will now offer more promises to comfort them about the future. Even though Jesus is leaving, the disciples will now experience something very powerful in their immediate future.

Jesus has initially comforted His disciples about His return for them in the distant future. But now, Jesus wants them to be aware of their immediate future, just after He departs from them. Jesus departure was going to usher in a powerful era. The disciples at this point in the Upper Room have yet to fully understand the truth about Christ and His relationship with the Father, but that is about to change.

Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection was going to initiate a new and powerful era that would transform the hearts of the disciples and all future believers bringing a clarity to the gospel and the truth about Christ that would lead to salvation. In addition, Jesus will comfort His disciples by telling them they will bear much fruit in their lives once He has gone, and they will have access to Him through prayer.

In this message, Pastor Brent unfolds three new promises that will hinge on Jesus’ death, and the coming of the Holy Spirit.