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Do Not Let Your Heart Be Troubled, Pt. 1

February 1, 2015 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Trouble Passage: John 14:1–14:6

In this sermon podcast on John 14:1-6, Pastor Brent identifies three “powerful commands” given by Christ so that we can possess a confident hope in the future.

At the end of John 13, John records Jesus’ words where He announces that He will now depart from the disciples. He tells them that He is leaving and where He is going, they cannot follow. This did not sit well with the disciples and their hearts were troubled.

At this point in Jesus’ ministry with His disciples have several reasons to be troubled about their future. Jesus has time again warned His disciples that He is going to die and that He will be leaving them. Now, in the Upper Room He tells them for the final time that He will depart, and now they understand.

In addition to Jesus leaving them, the disciples’ confidence in their future has been shaken to its core. Judas has been exposed as a betrayer, Jesus has told them that Satan is working against them and that they would all fall away when He is crucified. Along with that good news, their leader, Peter, would deny Christ three times before morning.

The disciples are troubled. They are agitated, anxious, nervous and concerned about their future. It is not a stretch to conclude they were at a low point in their time with Christ. In an hour where Jesus Himself could use some comfort as He faced the prospect of the cross, Jesus finds Himself in need of comforting His disciples.

Therefore, Jesus interrupts His lesson on love to comfort the eleven. He will do this in a least four different ways as recorded in chapters 14-15. First, Jesus will comfort His disciples by making a promise to them. What does He promise? Jesus will, in the future, return for them and take them to heaven to be with Him forever! This is a comforting promise in light of the fact that He is about to leave them! Jesus will return in what is known as the rapture of the church and take His followers to be with Him in heaven. As children who are comforted by the promise of their parents return, the disciples could find comfort in Jesus’ promise.

However, in order for the disciples to be comforted by Jesus promise, there is something they must do. In fact, Jesus offers specific commands to the disciples in light of their troubled hearts. While Jesus offers the comfort of His promise to return, the disciples must lay hold of that promise allowing their hearts to be controlled by it.

Jesus, as He offers a comforting promise, gives the disciples three powerful commands so that they will find comfort and possess a confident hope in their future. They must: 1) Build a foundation of truth in the heart, 2) believe in God and 3) believe in Jesus and His words, His truth.