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3 Farewell Instructions

January 25, 2015 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Farewell Passage: John 13:31–13:38

In this sermon podcast on John 13:31-38, Pastor Brent identifies three “farewell instructions” given by Christ to His followers so that we will glorify Him.

As the drama of the Last Supper unfolds, Jesus will now inform His disciples once again that He will be leaving them. Having been identified as the betrayer, Judas has now departed the dinner and moving the events of the betrayal and ultimately the cross into motion. It is now time for Jesus to deliver His farewell to the eleven.

But, Jesus does not just tell them goodbye. Jesus delivers a farewell that is loaded with “farewell instructions.” As Jesus pours out His love upon His own, He will teach them some vital lessons before He leaves. In John 13:31-38, John records three initial instructions given by Christ. These instructions come in three different forms: a promise, a command and a warning.

What is the point of these instructions? In this message Pastor Brent unpacks the lessons taught by Christ and will demonstrate that the lessons should equip us to bring glory to Him.