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The Hour Has Come, Pt. 3

November 23, 2014 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Sacrifice Passage: John 12:27–12:33

In this sermon podcast on John 12:27-33, Pastor Brent uncovers five “God-glorifying realities” of the death of Christ that must compel us in our own self-sacrifice for Christ.

As the intensity of the Passion Week builds, Jesus has now announced that the hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. His glory would now be manifest as He is lifted up before men on the cross to die sacrificing His life for sinners.

As he interacts with the Jerusalem crowd on Monday, Jesus teaches them concerning the implications of His death. His death would be like a seed producing much fruit, i.e., a great harvest of men who would believe upon Him by faith. Men, such as Adinoram Judson, would be the fruit of Christ’s sacrifice and would sacrifice their own lives to spread the gospel for the glory of God.

Beginning in verse 27, Jesus unpacks further implications of the impending hour. Not only would the Son of Man be glorified by His self-sacrifice on the cross, the Father will be glorified also as Jesus willingly gives His life. How is the Father glorified? In this message we see five God-glorifying realities of the cross.