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The Hour Has Come, Pt. 1

November 9, 2014 Speaker: Brent Small

Passage: John 12:20–12:26

In this sermon podcast on John 12:20-26, Pastor Brent reveals three “manifestations” of the glory of Christ.

In London’s Postmen’s Park, there is a memorial that is called “The Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice.” Engraved on tablets are the names and details of everyday people who risked and in many cases sacrificed their lives to save another. The memorial is dedicated to remembering these brave men and women and the sacrifice they made.

We often use the term “hero” or “heroic” to describe the actions of someone and there may be no better way to define the concept of being a hero than self-sacrifice. And, in an earthly sense, there is a glory in some sense of the idea attached to the actions of someone sacrificing their life to save someone else. Whether it be a soldier saving the life of others on the battlefield, or a fireman pulling someone out of a burning building, these actions contain the glory of heroic self-sacrifice.

As Jesus approaches the cross, he now announces that “the hour” has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. How would he be glorified? Jesus would be glorified as the Son of Man in sacrificing his own life to save underserving sinners destined for hell. His glory is manifest most brilliantly in the shame and horror of his sacrifice on the cross.

In this message on John 12:20-26, Pastor Brent delivers the first message in this series that seeks to reveal the many manifestations of Christ’s glory that flow from his own self-sacrifice on the cross.