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God Is Our Refuge

November 2, 2014 Speaker: Brent Small

Passage: Psalm 46:1–46:11

In this sermon podcast on Psalm 46, Pastor Brent gives us three reasons why we should make God our refuge in these unsettled times.

We live in unsettled times. The news reports each day are filled with stories concerning wars, rumors of wars, terrorism, plagues and fragile financial markets. Living in America, we constantly hear the drone of our enemies around the world who want to bring harm to America and her allies.

In addition to the instability throughout the world, we as Christians are experiencing persecution for our faith. Our religious freedoms are being attacked on an ever-increasing basis. Of course, we have not yet mentioned the difficulties of living out the Christian life in a fallen and sinful world, nor the difficulties of life in general that surround us every day.

Are you worried, anxious, even frightened, by what you see in our world today? Are you being persecuted for your faith? Are you experiencing personal difficulties in your life that has stolen your peace in Christ?

Psalm 46 teaches us where to find refuge in unsettled times. This Psalm is a Psalm of triumph. It was written by the music leaders of the Nation of Israel to celebrate God’s work in delivering them from their enemies. However, we learn a valuable lesson from this Psalm: God is our refuge in unsettled and difficult times.