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Not Only a King

October 26, 2014 Speaker: Brent Small

Passage: John 12:12–12:19

In this sermon podcast on John 12:12-19, Pastor Brent observes four “inaugural elements” of Jesus formal presentation of Himself to the nation of Israel as her King.

As the Apostle John continues to develop the events of the Passion Week of Christ, the next event that unfolds is the “Triumphal Entry” of Christ to the city of Jerusalem. This event is the time and place where Jesus presents Himself formally to the nation as her King.

On Sunday morning, traditionally known as Palm Sunday, Jesus sets out from Bethany to the city of Jerusalem. As He makes His way to Jerusalem, a powerful scene unfolds involving a massive crowd, waving of palm branches, singing of the great Hallel and the use of a colt as Jesus’ mode of transportation. All of these elements were to be understood as “inaugural” in the sense that Jesus is being presented as a King to a nation.

But, John indicates in verse 16 that there were things that the disciples, the twelve, did not understand. What were those things? Why were they confused? As Pastor Brent teaches, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on that Palm Sunday, He was presenting Himself to the nation “not only as a king.”