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The Anointing of the Lamb

October 19, 2014 Speaker: Brent Small

Passage: John 12:1–12:11

In this sermon podcast on John 12:1-11, Pastor Brent offers two “contrasting perspectives” of Mary’s anointing of Jesus as the Lamb of God.

For eleven chapters, John’s gospel has been anticipating an “hour” in Jesus life and ministry. In chapters two, four, seven and eight, both Jesus and the Apostle John have alluded to a coming hour. To what are they referring in this statement?

In John 12:23, Jesus answers this question: “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.” All throughout Jesus public ministry there were events that glorified Jesus. His teaching, his love and compassion, his divine miracles all served to bring glory to himself. However, Jesus always knew there was another event that would bring ultimate glory to himself: his death on the cross.
John has covered three years of Jesus’ public ministry in eleven chapters. Now, John will slow down the pace of his gospel to give a detailed account of just seven days in the life of Jesus. These seven days are known as the passion week of Christ, where Jesus will be crucified, buried and resurrected!

As John begins the story of this powerful week, he tells us of a profound act of love and worship in the life of Mary and Jesus. Mary will anoint the feet of Jesus. But, this act on her part is seen through two very different perspectives, one of devotion and the other of deception.