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The Glorified Son, Pt. 1

September 28, 2014 Speaker: Brent Small

Passage: John 11:1–11:28

In this sermon podcast on John 11:1-28, Pastor Brent seeks to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ by revealing two “divine aspects” of His glory.

In John chapter eleven we find the story of the resurrection of Lazarus. As Jesus’ public ministry comes to a close, the Father has one final and glorious work for the Son to perform, the work of resurrection.

As John recounts the story, he begins by informing the reader that Lazarus has become sick. But as the story continues to unfold, Jesus teaches us that there is a divine purpose in Lazarus sickness and his eventual death. Ultimately, Lazarus sickness would not end in death, it would end in resurrection for the specific purpose of bringing glory to the Son of God and ultimately to the Father.

The story of Lazarus is ultimately a story about Jesus. Lazarus resurrection served to glorify the Son and to set the table for Jesus glory to be revealed later in His own resurrection. In this message, Pastor Brent seeks to magnify the Son as was intended by the Father by unpacking two divine aspects of the glorified Son.