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The Source of Lasting Joy

August 31, 2014 Speaker: Brent Small

Passage: Psalm 21:1–21:13

In this sermon podcast on Psalm 21, Pastor Brent observes 3 “spiritual responses” made by King David that lead us to the source of lasting joy.

What is your source of joy? Our hearts are so fickle, that we seek to find joy in so many things that are worldly, fleeting and of no value to lasting joy. Careers, homes, possessions, food, vacations, none of these things bring true joy. Yet, in Psalm 21 King David points us to the source of lasting joy.

Psalm 21 is a royal psalm of praise to the Lord for giving victory in battle. King David rejoices and praises God for His work in bringing victory to the King and his people in battle over their enemies. Along with victory comes all the blessings: life, honor, crown, and spoils to which David also gives praise to his God.

But, in the midst of his praising God for victory, David does something very important: David teaches us where his joy was truly found. In this message, Pastor Brent seeks to uncover that source by looking at David’s responses to God in providing this great victory.