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2 Keys to Your Sanctification

August 24, 2014 Speaker: Brent Small

Passage: 1 Thessalonians 5:23–5:24

In this sermon podcast on First Thessalonians 5:23-28 Pastor Brent delivers two “keys” in the pursuit of sanctification.

As Paul concludes his letter to the Thessalonian church he has one final prayer request in mind. The subject of this prayer request is the sanctification of the Thessalonian believers. For nearly two chapters, with a brief exception concerning the rapture of the church, the Apostle Paul has continued to call the Thessalonians themselves to pursue their own sanctification. Paul’s desire is that they be pursuing holy lives as holiness is God’s purpose in their salvation. Paul exhorts them with command after command that must be embraced as they separate themselves from sin and grow in holiness.

However, at the end of the letter, Paul makes an abrupt change of direction in regards to their sanctification. He turns from the role of the Thessalonians to the role that God plays in their sanctification. In fact, Paul prays that God would sanctify them, completely, and teaches the Thessalonians that He will sanctify them completely. In this message, Pastor Brent delivers from the prayer of Paul, two “keys” that aid us as believers in our pursuit of sanctification.