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Fighting Sin by Faith

June 1, 2014 Speaker: Brent Small

In this sermon podcast Pastor Brent offers 4 “manifestations of faith” that give us the means to battle the remaining presence of sin in our lives.

As Jesus breathed his last breath on the cross his final words were “It is finished.” A millennia of sacrifices had come to an end for the perfect sacrifice had now been given. Jesus death on the cross, the shedding of his blood, became the sacrifice for sin. An eternal sacrifice offered to all who will apply it to their lives through repentance and faith.

Every sinner who applies Jesus blood to their heart is forgiven of sin once and for all, its penalty is removed. In addition to this forgiveness, the sinner is set free from the power of sin to rule and dominate his life. He now has the ability to resist sin and strive in his sanctification to eradicate sin’s presence in his life.

However, this eradication process is a battle and a fight. It is a fight that must be fought by faith. But how does one know he is fighting by faith? In this message Pastor Brent seeks to give us four manifestations of faith that is fighting against sin.