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A Polarizing Figure

April 6, 2014 Speaker: Brent Small

Passage: John 7:1–7:24

In this sermon podcast on John 7:1-24, Pastor Brent exposes three “polarizing perspectives” of Jesus so that we will fully understand His identity and mission.

Six months after the events of John chapter 6 come to a close, Jesus finds Himself in Galilee and the Feast of Booths is drawing near. Jesus’ brothers approach Him with an encouragement. They tell Jesus that He must go down to Jerusalem, to the feast, and display His works publically. Through the eyes of unbelief, Jesus’ brothers see Him as a political figure who needs to make a public demonstration that will thrust Him onto the scene as a great leader and maybe even King of Israel.

Their perspective is one of many that have emerged amongst the Israelites as recorded by John in chapter 7. At this point in Jesus ministry, the nation of Israel is becoming increasingly divided in their perspective of Jesus. Some believe Jesus is good, some think He is a deceiver, some think He is insane and some are seeking to kill Him. Jesus has become a polarizing figure among His own people.

What perspective should we have of Jesus? What are His true identity and His true mission? Was He to be a powerful political figure on earth? Was He only good, or maybe a deceiver? Who is He?

In John 7:1-24, Jesus corrects three “polarizing perspectives” of Himself that you may know His true identity and mission.