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The Word That Works, Pt. 1

March 9, 2014 Speaker: Brent Small

Passage: 1 Thessalonians 2:13–2:13

In this sermon podcast on First Thessalonians 2:13, Pastor Brent begins to answer the question, “How does the Word of God work in the lives of those who believe?”

For a second time the Apostle Paul expresses to His thankfulness to God for the Thessalonian believers. On this second occasion Paul expresses his thankfulness for the manner in which the Thessalonian church had received the Word of God. The Thessalonians had received the Word of God, not just as the word of men, but as the Word of God.

The Word of God, which Paul preached to them, included the gospel message, delivered from the Old Testament and also the New Testament. His Word as preached by Paul not only transformed their lives causing them to be born again and place faith in Christ, it also continued to work in their life to mature and grow them spiritually. How had this happened? They received the Word in such a way as to accept it, meaning they received it with its full authority.

In this message Pastor Brent begins explains that the manner in which they received the Word of God contributed to how it worked in their lives.