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The Bread of Life, Pt. 2

February 16, 2014 Speaker: Brent Small

Passage: John 6:16–6:33

In this sermon podcast on John 6:16-33, Pastor Brent gives us two “elements” of belief so that we can believe on Jesus and gain eternal life.

After performing the powerful miracle where Jesus feeds the 5,000, Jesus now returns to the western side of the Sea of Galilee. This return on the sea included another miracle where Jesus walks on the water, meets the disciples and instantaneously transports them to the shore.

Arriving back in Galilee, Jesus and the twelve make their way back to Capernaum where He will now teach the crowds that He had fed. His teaching centers on the idea that He is the “bread of life.” Jesus confronts the people for seeking health, and wealth and prosperity from Him. He tells them they are focused on the wrong things, the things that are destined to perish.

The people needed true and eternal life. They must recognize their spiritual need which was the forgiveness of their sins; and, they must believe upon Jesus to have their sins forgiven and gain eternal life. They were focused on the wrong things, materialism, and had put their trust in the wrong things: Moses and their works.

In this passage, Pastor Brent focuses on two elements of belief as taught by Jesus, the “need” and the “call” to believe.