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Counterfeit Belief

November 24, 2013 Speaker: Brent Small

Passage: John 4:43–4:54

In this sermon podcast on John 4:43-54, Pastor Brent reveals three “actions” taken by Jesus to expose the counterfeit belief of the Jews.

On the heels of a great Samaritan harvest, Jesus now completes his journey back to Galilee. However, in the backdrop of the Samaritans belief in the Savior, Jesus will now expose a faulty or “counterfeit” belief held by his own people, the Jews.

Jesus along with his disciples has now arrived back in Cana of Galilee. This final section of John chapter 4 closes out John’s insertion of the early ministry of Jesus not include in the synoptic gospels. Upon his arrival Jesus encounters a royal official whose son is dying in Capernaum. He implores Jesus to come with him to heal his son.

Through this encounter Jesus makes an astounding statement that is meant to confront the official himself and also his people. Jesus states that they will simply not believe unless they see signs and wonders. At this point in Jesus’ ministry, the professing belief of the Jews was counterfeit. Their belief was only anchored in signs and wonders and not the person and work that the Messiah came to perform for them, namely, to be their Savior.

In this message Pastor Brent reveals three actions performed by Jesus that expose this counterfeit belief. In doing so, the stage will be set to reveal the elements of true belief as recorded by John starting in John chapter 5.