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The Inauguration of the Harvest

November 17, 2013 Speaker: Brent Small

Passage: John 4:27–4:42

In this sermon podcast, Pastor Brent demonstrates that Jesus inaugurates the great harvest of God by offering three “facets” of the harvest.

In Jesus encounter with the Samaritan woman, Jesus declares His identity as the Messiah, the Son of God. However, as the drama unfolds we see another theme running parallel with the declaration of His identity.

As the disciples return to the scene at the well Jesus has a lesson for them. Jesus teaches them that his life is sustained by doing the will of God and He has been fulfilling that will by bringing in the harvest. In this story, the harvest will be a harvest of Samaritans who will believe in Him and His word.

The harvest begins with His encounter with the woman. Not only does He declare His identity to her, but; throughout the conversation He is evangelizing her. His evangelism of this one woman then sows the seed to bring in a crop of souls from this village of Samaritans who will believe on His name.

In this message, Pastor Brent demonstrates that Jesus in His earthy ministry has been sent by God to inaugurate the great harvest of souls who believe in Him by faith and become God’s redeemed possession from the earth.