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The Need for Deacons

November 10, 2013 Speaker: Brent Small

In this sermon podcast, Pastor Brent poses four questions that expose the need for deacons in the local church.

The local church was powerfully and dramatically launched through the power of the Holy Spirit and the gospel. In Acts chapters 2-6, Luke records for us many of the events that took place as God furthered His plan of redemption by bringing the gospel to the nations.

Luke tells us that the gospel spread rapidly and the church in Jerusalem grew in number nearly overnight. As the church grew in size, a complaint arose among the Greek speaking Jews. There were many widows in the church that needed to be fed each day and the Greek speaking Jews felt that that their widows were not being cared for as the widows of the native Hebrews. This benevolent ministry need posed a problem for the Apostles that they needed to resolve.

In Acts 6, Luke tells us how the resolved this issue. The Apostles turned to the congregation to select men to organize and fulfill this need. The seven men selected became the first deacons in the local church.

Combining the narrative of Acts 6 with the teaching of First Timothy 3, we find a very specific description and prescription for the office of a deacon in the local church. Deacons are critically important to the church leadership structure of every local church. As deacons fulfill their ministry in the church, the Elders are then enabled to shepherd the flock of God.

As Cascades Bible Church seeks to appoint its first deacons, Pastor Brent in this message seeks to unveil the need for deacons in the local church.