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John's Legacy: Humility

October 6, 2013 Speaker: Brent Small

Passage: John 3:22–3:36

In this sermon podcast on John 3:22-36; Pastor Brent offers four “attributes” that personify humility as modeled by John the Baptist so that we as believers might model this humility and make Jesus superior in everything.

At the end of John chapter 3, the Apostle records for us what is in a sense the last testimony of John the Baptist. John’s ministry has been to be the forerunner for Jesus preparing the way for Him in the hearts of His people.

Many questioned John’s identity. John was a powerful and influential prophet. However, John never allowed his power to override his true duty to make much of Jesus. John was not concerned about titles, popularity or influence he only wanted to point to Christ.

As the Apostle John records this exchange with the Baptist and his disciples something very powerful emerges. John the Baptist leaves a lasting legacy for every Christian to model. Do you want to know about this legacy?

In this message Pastor Brent seeks to unfold the powerful legacy of John the Baptist and its implications for every believer.