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3 Theological Certainties of Baptism

September 29, 2013 Speaker: Brent Small

In this sermon podcast Pastor Brent identifies three “theological certainties” of baptism as taught in the New Testament.

At this time in church history, much confusion still exists over the ordinance of baptism in the church. Many denominations, even within evangelicalism, still baptize infants and many in the charismatic movement believe that the believer receives a “second blessing” of power at baptism. So what are we to believe about baptism? And, is it really that important?

As with everything in the Christian life the scriptures must be the authority. Believers must look to the scriptures to glean a biblical understand of baptism. Churches also need to look to the scripture to insure their corporate practice of this ordinance is in line with the commands of Christ and the model of the Apostles and the church.

In this sermon Pastor Brent seeks to define baptism for the believer and elevate its importance in the life of the church.