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Jesus, the Son of God, Part 4

July 21, 2013 Speaker: Brent Small

Passage: John 1:14–1:18

In this sermon podcast on John 1:14-18 Pastor Brent unfolds 5 “truths” that reveal Jesus as the Son of God.

As the Apostle John draws his prologue to a conclusion he continues to deliver powerful truths that reveal Jesus as the Son of God. Beginning in verse 14 he returns to the concept of the incarnation which he alluded to in John 1:9. The incarnation is the most important event in human history. Through the incarnation, God revealed Himself in the form of a man taking up residence with men. Through this powerful event the Son of God is revealed as the perfect God-man.

Through His incarnation Jesus as the Son of God was the perfect resemblance of the Father. He displayed His glory on the earth, was full of grace and truth and delivered divine grace that furthered the grace that God had delivered in the Old Testament through the Law. In the end, John states that Jesus explained the Father. Jesus revealed the Father and made Him known to the world.

In this message Pastor Brent unfolds these truths that reveal Jesus as the Son of God.