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Faith in the Face of God's Sovereignty, Pt. 5

May 26, 2013 Speaker: Brent Small

Passage: Habakkuk 3:1–3:19

In this sermon podcast on Habakkuk 3:1-19, Pastor Brent reveals a fourth opportunity for God’s people to exercise faith in the midst of God’s perplexing yet sovereign ways.

Habakkuk was a prophet of God ministering in the land of Judah. He ministered with his contemporaries Jeremiah, Nahum and Zephaniah. The moral depravity of Judah was spiraling downward and out of control. Habakkuk describes the situation in the land as one of violence, destruction, strife, contention and injustice.

Habakkuk was a faithful prophet who had beseeched the Lord on behalf of his nation. He prayed that the Lord would save His people, bringing spiritual cleansing to the nation. However, God was silent. Or was He? God was planning to bring judgment on His people in the land of Judah for her sins through the hands of the wicked and evil Babylonians. Habakkuk’s initial response to God’s answer is one of faith; but, God’s answer brought additional perplexing questions to Habakkuk’s mind. Habakkuk was confused and did not understand why God favored the wicked and also why He allowed the wicked to overtake the righteous.

Habakkuk was faithful. He waited for God’s response. In chapter 2:4-20, God answers Habakkuk telling him that the righteous must live by faith in God and the proud will be judged. God’s justice had been decreed on Judah and on the Babylonians.

Now in chapter 3 we see a final opportunity for faith. God’s will has been decreed. How does Habakkuk respond? In this message, Pastor Brent reveals the response of Habakkuk in light of God’s decreed will.