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A Paradox of God's Sovereignty

May 12, 2013 Speaker: Brent Small

Passage: Habakkuk 1:1–1:17

In this sermon podcast Pastor Brent considers the perplexing theological questions that Habakkuk faced concerning the sovereignty of God.

The book of Habakkuk records a unique dialogue between the prophet and God. Habakkuk was faced with a very difficult ministry context as the Judeans and their land were filled with sin. Burdened by this situation, Habakkuk prayed for God to act and lamented because he felt that God was indifferent to the evil and sin that plagued the land.

God answered Habakkuk’s prayer, telling Him that He was about to bring justice and discipline on the Judeans for their sin by using the instrument of the evil and wicked Babylonians. This was astonishing and surprising news that led Habakkuk to consider some difficult questions.

Why was God allowing the evil to continue? Why did He seem indifferent? Why and how could a holy and just God use the evil actions of a wicked people to accomplish His will? How could a righteous God allow the righteous be overrun by the wicked? These are all tough theological questions concerning the sovereignty of God.

In this sermon Pastor Brent considers these questions by seeking answers in Scripture from the book of Habakkuk and the Scripture as a whole.