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The Risen King

March 31, 2013 Speaker: Brent Small

Passage: Matthew 28:1–28:10

In this sermon podcast on Matthew 28:1-10, Pastor Brent presents us with three “divine characteristics” of Jesus’ resurrection.

Jesus Christ came to be the King of Israel. He was promised to be an eternal king, one who would reign on the throne of David forever. But, first He would come to establish a spiritual kingdom. Jesus would rule in this kingdom as He ruled in the hearts of men.

The nation of Israel received Him, initially, as their King. However, once they understood His kingdom would not be an earthly kingdom where they would be freed from Roman oppression, they rejected Him.

Through their rejection, God sent Jesus to the cross to be a Savior. He would die as the Passover Lamb shedding His blood for the forgiveness of sin. This forgiveness is then offered to anyone who will repent and trust in Christ for salvation.

However, His death alone did not conquer sin and death. He must be raised from the dead, and He was. God powerfully resurrected Jesus from the dead signally His acceptance of Jesus’ sacrifice for sin and establishing Him as the eternal King of Israel.

In this sermon, Pastor Brent unfolds the drama of the resurrection through Matthew’s eyes while at the same time identifying three “divine characteristics” of Jesus’ resurrection.