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The Sufficiency of Scripture

March 10, 2013 Speaker: Brent Small

Passage: Genesis 3:1–3:5

In this sermon podcast Pastor Brent considers the theological topic known as the “sufficiency of Scripture.” Is God’s revelation to man as contained in Scripture sufficient for man to know Him, be saved from sin and live the Christian life?

From the very beginning of biblical history the sufficiency of God’s revelation has been questioned. In Genesis 3 we have the account of Satan’s temptation of Eve and the fall of man. As Satan tempted Eve, his questioning of God’s word to Adam and Eve implied that God had not given them sufficient information. In fact, we can argue that Satan tempted Eve in part by saying that God knows more that He has not revealed to you and you can know it as well!

Satan’s temptation was cunning and deceitful. It implied that God was withholding more information that was needed and helpful to Adam and Eve. This same temptation still exists today. Through the spiritual forces of darkness, Satan tempts believers and all men to doubt the sufficiency of the Word of God. There is more that they need.

So, we must ask the question; “Is God’s Word sufficient?” In this message Pastor Brent considers that question and its implications for the Christian life.