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An Unfaithful People; A Faithful Promise

December 16, 2012 Speaker: Brent Small

Passage: Isaiah 7:18–8:22

In this sermon podcast on Isaiah 7:18-8:22, Pastor Brent recounts the story of an unfaithful king and an unfaithful people and how God made a faithful promise of the Messiah to come.

In Matthew chapter 1, Matthew records Joseph’s dream, as he was about to send Mary away so that she would not be living in disgrace. Mary was a virgin with child although she was only betrothed to Joseph. Joseph became frightened and wanted to do the right thing. However, the Lord had other plans and sent an angel to assure Joseph that the baby that Mary was carrying was of the Holy Spirit and that he was to take her to be his wife.

As Matthew recounts the details of this dream he quotes from Isaiah 7:14 stating that the birth of Jesus was the fulfillment of God’s promise some 800 years earlier that a son would be born of a virgin and his name would be called “Immanuel” or God with us.

In this sermon Pastor Brent seeks to go back to Isaiah 7 and 8 and tell the story that surrounded this promise. While the story of Jesus’ birth is the theme and highlight of the Christmas season, the story of the promise often goes by without notice.

The story is of an unfaithful king who would not listen to God nor place faith in Him. It is also the story of an unfaithful people whose hearts were far from God. However, in the midst of this people’s lack of faith, God makes a faithful promise. This promise had meaning both to those who received it and for those who would receive its future fulfillment. This promise held both the promise of judgment and the promise of future blessing. It was a promise that would change the world forever.