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Purposes of the Local Church, Pt. 5

September 9, 2012 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Church Passage: Matthew 28:19–28:20

In this sermon podcast on Matthew 28:19-20, Pastor Brent looks at the final two of three requirements in fulfilling the purpose of evangelism in the local church.

In addition to worship and equipping the saints, God has a primary mission for the church in the world: evangelism. Evangelism was central to the mission of Christ and that mission was extended to the church in the “Great Commission.” After Christ’s resurrection and before His ascension, Jesus commissioned the disciples, a commission that extends to the church at large, to take the message of the gospel into the world (evangelism) for the purpose of making disciples, Matthew 28:19-20.

This call to evangelism as found in the Great Commission contains at least three specific requirements: make disciples, baptize them and teach them. Through this commissioning God has given a third purpose to the local church in evangelism, a purpose that is the culmination of all three (worship, equipping and evangelism). In this message, Pastor Brent unfolds the third purpose of the local church, evangelism, by looking at the final two of three requirements for evangelism as commission by Christ.