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Examining Your Spiritual Barometer, Pt. 3

July 22, 2012 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Self-Examination Passage: Matthew 6:9–6:13

In this sermon podcast on Matthew 6:9-13, Pastor Brent identifies “3” characteristics that describe worship-filled prayer.

God’s desire is that each one of His children being growing and maturing in his or her Christian life and faith. Every believer must evaluate at times the health of their spiritual life and determine if it is growing. As you examine the spiritual barometer of your heart to measure your spiritual condition an important question to as yourself is, “What is the substance of my prayer life?” A growing faith and a healthy spiritual condition is one that is marked by worship-filled prayer. As you grow in the Christian life your prayers should be becoming more focused on the worship of God.

As believers we are compelled to pray. Prayer is a heart compulsion given to us by God through His Spirit and the power of His preached Word. Whether you pray for one minute or sixty minutes, prayer is as important and instinctual to a believer as oxygen is to the physical body. The concern is the matter, substance and words that fill our prayers. Are they focused on God or just focused on you?

Using Jesus’ teaching on prayer found in Matthew 6:9-13, the Disciples’ Prayer, Pastor Brent identifies three characteristics by which you can evaluate the substance of your prayer life. Is your prayer life becoming more worship-filled?