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God’s Promises: An Anchor of Our Hope, Pt. 1

March 18, 2012 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: God’s Promises Passage: 1 Thessalonians 4:13–4:18

In this sermon podcast on First Thessalonians 4:13-18, Pastor Brent gives us “3” promises of God that serve as the anchor of our hope so that we can be comforted in times of grief.

As Paul continues his letter to the Thessalonians he shifts from his call to sanctification to deal with a matter of concern in the church. In this section of chapter 4 it appears that part of Timothy’s report concerning the Thessalonians included their ongoing grief over fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who had died. Although Paul had taught this new church the gospel of Christ, they were still lacking on how the promises of God found in the gospel guaranteed the resurrection of all believers.

Therefore, as Paul wrote to the Thessalonians, his purpose in part was to offer them comfort over those who had died in Christ. How did Paul deliver this comfort? Paul instructs the Thessalonians in the promises of God. It is the promises of God that secure all of our hope in the Christian life. In this case, Paul unpacks God’s promises to resurrect all believers who have died prior to the coming of Christ. One day Christ will return for His church and there will be a glorious resurrection of all those who have died in Christ to be snatched away with all those who remain alive to be taken to heaven and be with Christ forever! God’s promises in this passage serve as fasteners to anchor our hope as we grieve the loss of fellow believers.

As the passage unfolds, there are many details concerning this resurrection and this coming of Christ to rapture His church that must be answered. In part one of this three-part message, Pastor Brent unpacks Paul’s purpose in this section and delivers the first promise found in verses 14-15. As these promises are unfolded in our hearts, we as believers will have an anchor of hope in our times of grief and in the totality of our Christian life.