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Believer's Baptism

February 5, 2012 Speaker: Brent Small

Topic: Church Passage: Matthew 28:19–28:20

In this sermon podcast, Pastor Brent defines believer’s baptism and also connects the symbolic nature of baptism to three aspects of salvation. Baptism in a believer’s life proclaims his or her new allegiance to Christ, union to Christ and also union to the body of Christ, the Church.

Baptism is an ordinance given by Christ to His church that is so often confused, maligned, misinterpreted and practiced wrongly in the church today. A variety of teaching and practice on baptism exists which includes, sprinkling, christening and immersion. Some churches baptize infants. Some church see baptism as essential to salvation, meaning one cannot be saved without being baptized. Some church teaches that a believer receives a second “blessing” or baptism of the Holy Spirit at the moment of water baptism.

All of this confusion motivates us to ask several questions. What is the New Testament teaching on baptism of believers? What is the New Testament teaching on the mode of baptism? What is the motivation to be baptized? Who should be baptized? These are all fundamentally important questions that must be answered and given biblical support. In this message, Pastor Brent answers these questions and provides three spiritual aspects of baptism as it relates to salvation.