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The Demand is Love, Pt. 2

January 11, 2015 Speaker: Brent Small Series: Gospel of John

Topic: Love Passage: John 13:1–13:17

In this sermon podcast on John 13:1-17, Pastor Brent identifies three facets of Christ’s lesson on love that will enable us to love others as He modeled and as He demands.

In John 13 a major transition takes place in John’s record of Jesus life and ministry. It is now Thursday evening of the Passion Week, the week of the Passover. Jesus and His disciples are gathered in the Upper Room to celebrate the Passover Meal. This would be the last Passover Meal as Jesus would now institute the Lord’s Table.

As the events of the week turn to the Last Supper, Jesus ministry now takes on a new and specific focus. Jesus will now seek to manifest His love to His own in a very specific and intentional way. His public ministry has ended. He is now hours away from His crucifixion. He know that He is returning to the Father and His desire is to now pour out His love on His own, those who were His disciples, those who would follow Him by faith.

The first way that Jesus pours out His love on His own is by washing their feet. This is a powerful demonstration of His love; but, it is also a powerful and vivid model of love that He leaves for His followers. Jesus’ leaves a pattern or a model of love to be followed by every believer as He washes the feet of His disciples.

In this message, Pastor Brent seeks to uncover three facets of Christ’s model and lesson on love. And furthermore, as he uncovers the model of Christ’s love, Pastor Brent will also seek to challenge your heart with the practical implications of how we are to love one other in the body of Christ.

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