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The Un-Opened Christmas Gift, Pt. 1

December 14, 2014 Speaker: Brent Small Series: Gospel of John

Topic: Unbelief Passage: John 12:34–12:50

In this sermon podcast on John 12:34-50, Pastor Brent delivers four “warnings” against unbelief in Jesus Christ.

As John records the events that unfold on Monday afternoon of the Passion Week, John indicates that Jesus public ministry is now coming to a close. However, as Jesus’ ministry comes to a close we discover a very tragic situation.

For three years, Jesus has ministered amongst the Nation of Israel. He was their promised Messiah and brought the nation the good news of the gospel and salvation. But, the nation did not receive their Messiah. God had sent the perfect Christmas gift in the form of His Son. Jesus had come to earth as a gift of God’s grace to bring salvation to His people; and, His people did not receive Him, they did not open this most precious Christmas gift.

As John records the conclusion of Jesus’ public ministry that is marked by the wide-scale unbelief of the Jews, he asks the question, Why? Why did they not believe? John not only asks the question but answers it as well. As John delivers the aspects of the nation’s unbelief, the Lord through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit delivers four “warnings” against unbelief that are timeless and speak to us today.

In this message, Pastor Brent seeks to deliver four “warnings” against unbelief in Jesus Christ.

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